Admission in Software Engineering

Monday, October 30, 2006

MS in Software Engineering

North Dakota State University:

Admission Requirements:
1. B.S. or equivalent degree from an accredited university or college with at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Fulltime professional experience may offset this GPA requirement at the rate of 0.1 in GPA for each eighteen months of such experience to a maximum of 0.4 in GPA;

2. Eighteen semester hours or equivalent in Computer Science from an accredited institution, or at least two years of fulltime professional software engineering experience;

3. Programming skill with one modern higher level programming language, preferably C++, C#, or Java.

George Mason University


The Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering provides specialized knowledge and experience in developing and modifying large, complex software systems. It emphasizes technical and management aspects of the software engineering process. Software engineering is an established discipline based on requirement analysis, design, construction, testing, maintenance, economics, and management issues of software engineering. A pragmatic approach to problem solving is the hallmark of a software engineer. Software engineers are concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of technology, cost, and social impact of software systems that are both effective and efficient.

Software engineers are in demand in every segment of society affected by computing technology. Potential employers include all software vendors and Internet-based companies, electronic business organizations, businesses that build and sell computers, research and development laboratories, aerospace companies, government contractors, banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing organizations. The master’s program is concerned with both technical and managerial issues, but primary emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of building and modifying high quality software systems.

Successful applicants have a broad variety of undergraduate backgrounds, including computer science, science and mathematics, engineering, liberal arts, and business. Many of our students are working or have worked in the software industry.

Each applicant for the MS program must meet the following requirements:
1. Hold a four-year (120 credits) baccalaureate degree in an appropriate discipline from an accredited institution.
2. Have earned a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the last 60 credits of undergraduate study.
3. Provide a brief (one- to two-page) statement of educational and work experience in the computing field that includes a statement of career goals in software engineering.
4. Submit a departmental self-evaluation form, which can be obtained from the department. This form provides summary information concerning background and preparation for the program.
5. Show proof of a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), if required. The test should have been taken within five years of applying for admission. ISE has the following policy with regard to the GRE. The test is required of each applicant unless the applicant
o has an undergraduate degree in science or engineering from a U.S. university and graduated with a GPA of 3.0 or better in the last 60 hours; or
o has a graduate degree in science or engineering from a U.S. university; or
o has been admitted as a non-degree student and meets all the following requirements: has an undergraduate degree from a U.S. university, has an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better in the last 60 hours; and received at least a B in all foundation courses taken at GMU or elsewhere.
6. Submit the appropriate application form with three letters of recommendation from persons directly knowledgeable of the applicant's professional and academic competence.
7. TOEFL for international students.

The MSE program at Seattle University is designed for working professionals. All classes are offered in the evenings. The program builds on the computing experience of its students by providing course work in a diversity of software engineering and computer science topics, with an emphasis on teamwork and a disciplined approach to problem solving. We offer a balanced core curriculum of technical and managerial courses, and a variety of elective streams to address areas of personal interest. The principles and techniques learned throughout the course-work are integrated into a year-long software project as at the capstone experience

The Computer Science Department seeks to prepare students for careers that require sophisticated programming and computer applications in industrial, scientific, technical or educational settings, and to incorporate into the program the principles and techniques of software engineering. The program provides solid foundations for understanding the changing roles of computers in society and encourages students to apply their knowledge to solving a variety of problems through laboratory and project activities
How to apply
1. Obtain application materials: You may apply online, Request an application, or Print an application. To find out the specific application requirements for a particular program, be sure to read the instructions located in the applications available on the Print an application page.
2. Attend a departmental information session: Most programs have regularly scheduled weekly or monthly information sessions.
3. Prepare and register for any admissions tests: Prepare and register for any admissions tests, such as the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or MAT. You may consider enrolling in a preparation course before taking the test.
4. Prepare for any prerequisite classes: Prepare for any prerequisite classes; gain appropriate work experience.
5. Research financial aid options: Research financial aid options, and obtain a financial aid application. Please see financing your education for more information.
Rochester Institute of Technology

Penn State University

Software engineering is the practical application of scientific knowledge in the analysis, design, construction and implementation of software systems and the associated documentation required to develop, operate, and maintain them. The Master of Science degree in Software Engineering has been designed to allow students to specialize in the complex and rapidly evolving field of software development. The degree will help students leverage their technical and managerial skills in new or existing careers.

The specific objectives of the software-engineering curriculum are to:
1. Provide students with a broad knowledge of software engineering processes, methods and tools.
2. Provide leadership in advancing the state of the practice in software engineering research and education.
3. Provide students with the specific knowledge and skills required to analyze and design complex software systems.
4. Prepare students for careers and career advancement in software engineering, doctoral research, and teaching.
Implicit in the curriculum is the development of skills in engineering project planning and management group dynamics, and teams and real world problem analysis

Applicants to the software-engineering program will be required to:
1. Meet the Graduate College's grade-point average requirement of “no less than 2.75 on a 4.0 scale on the last 60 hours leading up to the bachelor’s degree".
2. Have a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score of 1000 (Verbal and Quantitative portion combined), including at least 300 on the Verbal portion and 600 on the Quantitative portion. The official result of the GRE must be on file in the Graduate College before an application for admission can be considered.
3. Meet any additional basic requirements for admission to the Graduate College. The basic Graduate College admissions requirements for a degree-seeking student can be found in the “Admission Policies” section of the Texas State Graduate Catalog. Individuals may apply for non-degree seeking “special student” admission from the Graduate College to enroll in computer science background courses before completing the GRE requirement.

General Admission Policies
The requirements set forth on the following pages are the minimum for admission to the Graduate College. The Graduate College Catalog is also on our website at Meeting these requirements does not necessarily ensure acceptance into a graduate program. Applicants must receive departmental recommendation for admission after the application files are completed in the Office of the Graduate College. In addition, many departments have established admission standards more stringent than the minimum requirements. Some departments recommend that applicants arrange a personal interview with the appropriate departmental Graduate Advisor. The Dean of the Graduate College grants final admission approval. The university reserves the right to deny admission to any prospective or former students who have criminal records including any conviction of a felony, offenses involving moral turpitude, or other offenses of serious nature.

Application Deadlines

Students who hold an acceptable four-year baccalaureate degree must submit an application to the Office of the Graduate College if they wish to pursue a master’s degree at Texas State, take certification course work, take Texas State certificate course work, take background courses, or take courses for personal enrichment. All required application materials should be submitted to the Office of the Graduate College no later than the following deadline dates to ensure processing for the desired semester: Deadline dates are subject to change.
Fall Semester June 15
Spring Semester October 15
Summer Session I April 15
Summer Session II June 1

Some departments have different deadlines other than the ones indicated above. Prospective students are encouraged to contact their proposed major department for specific deadlines. Applications received after the published deadline dates will be processed on a time-available basis only. Many departments strictly enforce the published deadlines and will accept no applications after the above referenced dates. The Office of the Graduate College will make every effort to process late applications for departments not enforcing the published deadline, but there are no guarantees that a student’s file will be processed for the desired semester of entry if the student has missed the deadline.
Application Deadlines For International Students
Deadline dates subject to change.
Fall Semester
June 1
Spring Semester
October 1
Summer Session I
March 15
Summer Session II
May 1

Penn State Uni

New students are admitted to the program at the start of fall, spring, and summer semesters. Applications for fall will be accepted through July or until all spaces in the program have been allocated. Applications for spring admission will be accepted through November or until all spaces are allocated. Summer applications will be accepted through March or until all spaces are allocated.
The Software Engineering Program requires degree application. Non-degree enrollment is not an option.
When you apply, you must submit a completed application with all supporting documentation to the Admissions Office at Penn State Great Valley, 30 E. Swedesford Road, Malvern, PA 19355 by the suggested deadlines. Applications will be reviewed after the following items are received

Admissions Requirements
1. Completed and signed application. For the online application, click here.Note: under degree sought: M SENote: under major sought: SWENGNote: when filling out the application, permanent address is your home address and present address is your work address.
2. Information about your employment history is helpful in evaluating your application; therefore, please provide the employment information requested at the bottom of the application.
3. $45 (non-refundable) application fee when applying electronically, $60 (non-refundable) application fee when submitting a pre-printed or downloaded form.
4. Two official transcripts from each educational institution you have attended. The Penn State Great Valley Admissions Office will obtain Penn State advising transcripts. (More Info)
5. TOEFL score (For applicants whose native language is not English; requirement is a minimum score of 550 on paper test, and 213 on computer based test.) (More Info)
6. Resume (More Info)
7. Completed Applicant Survey. For the online survey, click here.
8. Statement of Intent (More Info)
9. At least one form letter of recommendation (More Info) For the form the evaluator should fill out, click here.
10. GRE scores recommended but not required.
11. Demonstrated knowledge of at least one structured computer language (e.g., C) as documented by courses transcripts or job descriptions.
Any non US citizen who does not hold a green card must submit a Visa Application Document. Admission is granted jointly by the Penn State Graduate School and the academic program at Penn State Great Valley. The Admissions Committee reviews applications and makes decisions based on the quality of an applicant's credentials relative to other applicants.

International Applicant
Please read the information for international applicants by clicking the link above.
International Applicants Application Deadlines

Fall semester: Applications must be submitted by April 30th.
Spring semester: Applications must be submitted by August 30th.
Summer semester: Applications must be submitted by December 10th.

Southern Polytechnic State University

The Master of Science in Software Engineering program is designed to meet the high demand for a professional degree in Software Engineering within the context of a non-traditional audience (working professionals who attend part-time at night or on weekends). Although no specific undergraduate major is required, applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited school.

Admission Procedure Applicants for admission to the Master of Science in Software Engineering program must submit the following to the Admissions Office:
1. An application for admission to the program,
2. An official transcript from each college the applicant has attended, and
3. A certificate of immunization.
4. In addition, applicants must submit the following to the Computer Science Program:
5. An official copy of scores from the "General Test" of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
6. A statement of purpose in seeking this degree
7. Three recommendation forms completed by former or current supervisors, professors, or professional colleagues
8. Documentation of at least one year of software project-related work experience (or comparable co-op work)

International students should refer to the International Students sub-section for additional admission requirements.

Software Engineering has emerged nationally as a specialized area of computer science that emphasizes solving the problems and complex issues associated with developing and maintaining mission-critical software to meet the needs of business and industry. It uses the life-cycle concept from traditional engineering with an emphasis on specification, design, and implementation but calls on the focused application of computer science concepts rather than those of traditional engineering.

The position "software engineer" has become a common job title for software developers in business and industry and represents the fastest growing segment of software professionals.
Students accepted for the program must document at least one year of software project-related work experience (or comparable co-op work). The typical student is:
A working professional in metro Atlanta
With at least a bachelor's degree
And the other usual credentials expected for acceptance to a graduate program

However, it is not necessary that students have a formal degree or specific previous coursework in software engineering or computer science since a transition path is available.
The requirements for earning the degree are 36 hours of graduate work as designated below. Only grades of 'C' or better may be applied to meet the degree requirements (including transition coursework). An overall GPA of 3.0 ("B") or better is required over all graduate coursework attempted. A maximum of 2 'C's at the level of 6000 or above may be applied if offset by the same number or more of 'A's at the level of 6000 or above.
Students applying to the program who do not have a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering may be accepted conditionally. Upon acceptance, the admissions committee will evaluate the student’s transcripts. If the committee determines necessary prerequisite courses the student must take before being fully admitted into the Master's Program, the student will be admitted with Conditionally Matriculated status.

The MS Software Engineering program is one of several degree programs provided by the Computer Engineering department at San José State University. The program provides students with an educational experience that builds on traditional computer science and engineering, and then takes an integrative approach to software engineering. With the increased globalization of the software development workforce there is less programming being performed in the United States. Therefore it becomes increasingly important that graduates understand developing technologies and architectures and their influence on software engineering processes, where large-scale design is pre-eminent, and where component integration is the standard mode of development. The program offers a strong testing and quality assurance component.
The software industry increasingly requires those with a suitable engineering background for their cutting edge projects. Graduates with an MS in Software Engineering can expect to find significant opportunities in software development, management, and marketing.
A wide variety of computing equipment is available. Courses are usually conducted using the specialized equipment at the department, with a variety of sophisticated workstations and state-of-the-art software engineering tools.

Prospective students wishing to apply should first read the information for prospective students on the University Graduate Studies and Research Web site at Deadlines and other important information are available on this Web site. Prospective students in the San Francisco Bay Area are also strongly urged to attend one of the weekly Q&A sessions for prospective students. The current schedule is posted in the News & Events sections on the home page of this site.

Submitting an Application
Applications are submitted using the graduate admissions selection at The following will are some hints for filling in the application pages:

Page 1: Applicants should select Engineering-Software Engineering (MS) as the Major/Program Objective. Also enter the specialization you wish to pursue in the next field.

Pages 8 and 9: The Work Experience, Academic references, and Statement of Purpose fields in Page 8 and Page 9 of the online application can be skipped. Instead, prospective students should send a one page (maximum) Statement of Purpose and a current resume or Curricular Vita to

Test Scores
GRE and TOEFL test scores should be routed to San Jose State University, code=4687. No department code is required.


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